Advanced Competition Shotgunning

ReadMe Publications announces a new book Advanced Competition Shotgunning by Michael Ray Forehand which describes advanced techniques in shotgunning specifically in the areas of Olympic Trap, Double Trap, Helice (ZZ-birds), Box Birds (Pigeon shooting), and Columbaire (hand-thrown Pigeons). If you are interested in any of these shooting disciplines, this book is definitely written for you. Some of the shooting techniques discussed may be used with other shooting games, however, this book was written for the five competition games listed above.

If you are an experienced shooter who wants to improve and win more competitions, this book is for you. It deals not only with the physical aspects of the game, but the mental aspects of winning. The book is no substitute for a good coach and good instruction; however, it will allow you to analyze and prepare yourself for your own game.

Advanced Competition Shotgunning introduces a formalized shooting method to increase scores and to win tournaments. It is not written for the hunter or field shooter - the beginner or novice. It is written for the experienced shooter to improve competition scores specifically in the disciplines described - even if you have shot for many years. This formal shooting method will help you become a better shot.

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Advanced Competition Shotgunning is a 7" x 10" hardback book with a beautiful dust jacket and consists of 184 pages including 129 photographs and figures.

Excerpt from the Introduction

"This is not a "my way is best" book, but a combination of winning techniques used by successful shooters. This book will improve your shooting."

Reviews & Testimonials

"This book is the best in its class."
- Cyril Adams (World Champion in Helice)

"No other book helps advanced competition shogunners prepare for the "other" shotgun games like this one...If you want to win big in these highly competitive sports, learn from this book!"
- Shotgun Sports Magazine

"The first book to address these shooting disciplines and it is excellent!"
- Bob Williams

"This is a wonderful book for all pigeon shooters."
- Bill Franklin

"The book provides many new insights into competitive shooting."
- Tracy Walsh

"I would buy this book, even though at this time in my life I'm very critical of most writers in the shooting sports, so many are just wrong or misleading."
- Mike Harris