Gun Concealed Lite

If you have a concealed carry handgun license, then this app is for you.  You will not be disappointed in this application for either ease of use or content.

“Gun Concealed Lite” is a free version of the full product “Gun Concealed” (the paid version).  This lite version is fully operational but has only 2 states.

“Gun Concealed” is an easy to use guide for your state’s concealed handgun license information (also known as CHL, CCW, or CPL).  It is also a valuable guide for travelers (truckers, vacationers, and business people) who carry their firearms across state lines.  If the state in which you are traveling recognizes your permit, you must abide by that state’s laws.  This guide will greatly assist you in that effort.  It will also provide you necessary information when traveling in or through states with a handgun that do not recognize your permit.  “Gun Concealed” will give you valuable information at your fingertips.

This fully operational free program has 2 states:

  • Arizona
  • New Mexico

This is a version to let you view how the program functions and understand the general content and usefulness of the application.  New states will not be added to this free version; however, new information will be added as new statues or new information becomes available.  The program has both quick reference information and hyperlinks to detail data for complete specific information you may need.

Navigation is simple! Select a state – press a tab button at the bottom of the screen for the information.
All screens can be viewed in landscape mode for easier viewing.

The following conceal carry information is provided for each state (hyperlinks to other sources are also provided):

Select a State and press a tab bar button

Describes in a simple table format where you CAN and CANNOT take a handgun for the state selected (hyperlinks are provided for more information)

Detailed information regarding the primary gun laws for each state

Recognition defines the states that recognize your state’s handgun permit with a colored map. Either you can or cannot take your handgun to a specific state.  States are listed in a table format with links to the states reciprocity page for further reference

Describes the cost, requirements, and training necessary to receive a license

Commonly asked questions and answers regarding the states rules, regulations, and other information in an easy to read format

Recent handgun laws for each state that may affect the concealed license holder

Names or locations of handgun instructors

This is a list of gun ranges for the state selected (and a map).  You can add your current zip code for local locations

If the state publishes statistics, this section describes the handgun permits issued such as type, age, gender, totals, etc.

Other general information per state not easily categorized (i.e. Government offices, permit & cost, links)

This section describes general information for all states (all other screens are state specific).  This section includes:

  • Right-to-Carry information and map
  • Castle Doctrine information & map
  • Friendliness table relative to each state
  • Conceal Carry statistics by state
  • Federal Firearm statues
  • Transporting firearms on air carriers
  • Transporting firearms across states lines
  • Defines “Recognition” vs. “Reciprocity”
  • Federal links for reference
  • 2nd Amendment definition
  • Support information