Shotgun Sports


This application includes rules and more for competition shotgun sports including:

  • Skeet
  • Trap
  • Sporting Clays

Shotgun Sports provides the following information on each sport:

  • A detailed overview of each game
  • The complete rules for each game
  • The course layout and other relevant information for each game

Learn how to shoot new and exciting shotgun sports! Even if you have been shooting in shotgun competitions for years, you may not know all of these shooting sports. Each game is a real competition shotgun game shot all over the world.

For a free view of Shotgun Sports search the Apple App Store for Shotgun Sports Lite. Shotgun Sports Lite is a fully functional application that is restricted to fewer sports.

Shotgun Sports Lite includes the following games:

  • Olympic Trap (Bunker Trap)
  • Down The Line (DTL)
  • Wobble Trap (Automatic Ball Trap)
  • Powder Pigeon (Crazy Quail)

General information is also provided:

  • Shotgun information
  • Ammunition Information
  • Shotgun Ranges & Locations
  • Glossary
  • General Information

* All screens are viewable in portrait & landscape

The shotgun sports are broken into categories for easy reference.

The following sports are described in detail with overview information, complete rules, and course and layout descriptions:

Popular Shotgun Sports

  • Skeet
  • Skeet Doubles
  • Trap
  • Trap Doubles
  • Sporting Clays
  • International Sporting (FITASC)

Olympic Shotgun Sports

  • Olympic Skeet (International Skeet)
  • Olympic Trap (Bunker Trap)
  • Olympic Trap Doubles

Ring Shotgun Sports

  • Helice (ZZ-Birds)
  • Box Birds
  • Columbaire

Lesser Known Shotgun Sports

  • 5 Stand (Sportrap)
  • Compak
  • Double Rise
  • Down The Line
  • Quail Walk (Supersport)
  • Universal Tranch
  • Wobble Trap (ABT)

The following sports are discussed with an overview description:

Other Shotgun Sports

  • Annie Oakley Trap
  • English Skeet
  • English Skeet Doubles
  • English Sporting
  • Flush and Flurry
  • Gun Dog Challenge
  • Make-a-Break (Snooker)
  • Pac-Man Skeet
  • Powder Pigeon (Crazy Quail)
  • Scrap
  • Sporting Clays on a Skeet/Trap Field

General Information  on Shotgunning Provided

  • Shotgun Information
  • Ammunition Information
  • Shotgun Ranges  & Locations
  • Glossary
  • General Information

* All screens are viewable in portrait & landscape

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